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What Are the Dos and Don'ts in Turkey?

What are the dos and don'ts in Turkey? This article gives insights for answering this question. As understanding of the...

20-Jun, 2024


The Role of Property Management Company in Turkey

The role of property management company in Turkey is crucial for maintaining and enhancing the value of real estate investments...

20-Jun, 2024


Risks Behind Buying a Property Directly From The Owner in Turkey

Risks behind buying a property directly from the owner in Turkey are diverse including legal, financial, due diligence, and others.Sometimes,...

20-Jun, 2024


Turkish Citizenship for Egyptian Citizens

Turkish citizenship for Egyptian citizens has become an appealing option seeking new opportunities abroad. With its strategic location bridging Europe...

02-May, 2024


Is It Safe to Invest Money in Turkish Banks?

Is it safe to invest money in Turkish banks? To answer this question we need to know more about the...

02-May, 2024


Technology Development Zones in Türkiye

Technology Development Zones in Türkiye (TDZ) are a designated area within a country that aims to promote technological innovation, research,...

27-Mar, 2024


ِAverage House Rents in Turkey

Average house rents in Turkey matter to customers, including renters and potential property buyers, because the knowledge of average rents...

19-Mar, 2024


Cost of Citizenship of Turkey

Cost of citizenship of Turkey is one of the essential issues related to the naturalization process of Turkish citizenship. Turkish...

19-Mar, 2024


Are Turkish Universities Recognized Internationally?

Are Turkish universities recognized internationally? as many students seek or international recognition of Turkish universities upon registration which is paramount...

12-Mar, 2024


Facts About Earthquake-Resistant Buildings in Turkey

Facts about earthquake-resistant buildings in Turkey describe the carefulness of Turkey with all actions taken for further safety.Thus, implementing earthquake-resistant...

15-Feb, 2024


Choosing the Right Property Management Company in Turkey

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative venture, especially in a diverse market like Turkey. However, managing properties can...

07-Feb, 2024


Is It Safe for a Woman to Work in Turkey?

Is it safe for a women to work in Turkey? is a very important issue in labor framework in Turkey. As...

26-Jan, 2024


Avoiding Real Estate Fraud (Scams) in Turkey

Avoiding real estate fraud (scams) in Turkey one of the important issues that matters to foreign investors. As Turkey has...

16-Jan, 2024


Tips for Hiring an Excellent Lawyer in Turkey

Hiring a good lawyer in Turkey is crucial for various reasons because legal issues can have serious consequences for individuals,...

15-Jan, 2024


The Best Investment Opportunities in Istanbul for Foreigners

The best investment opportunities in Istanbul for foreigners ranging from upscale residential properties in prestigious neighborhoods to thriving commercial districts...

14-Jan, 2024


The Best Investment Opportunities in Istanbul for Foreigners

The best investment opportunities in Istanbul for foreigners ranging from upscale residential properties in prestigious neighborhoods to thriving commercial districts...

12-Jan, 2024


How to Choose a Property Agent in Turkey

How to choose a property agent in Turkey should be done carefully as the property agent serves as a trusted...

12-Jan, 2024


Dos and Don'ts While Buying a Property in Turkey

Dos and don'ts while buying a property in Turkey are very significant considerations you have to take when you decide...

08-Jan, 2024


What Types of Properties Are Ideal for Investment Purposes in Istanbul?

What types of properties are ideal for investment purposes in Istanbul? Because Istanbul is a dynamic and strategic investment destination...

14-Dec, 2023


Reasons Why You Should Consider Retirement in Turkey

Reasons why you should consider retirement in Turkey are varied when people consider retiring in a foreign country. As several...

14-Dec, 2023


Legal Framework for Property Investment in Turkey

Legal framework for property investment in Turkey is governed by a combination of domestic and international laws, designed to attract...

07-Dec, 2023


Areas Where You Can Buy Sea View Houses in Turkey

Areas where you can buy sea view houses in Turkey: (Fethiye, Bodrum, Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, Mersin, Istanbul), are attracting plenty...

08-Nov, 2023


How to Get Turkish Citizenship

How to Get Turkish Citizenship. Turkey is a geostrategically crucial country since it sits on the crossroads of Europe and...

08-Nov, 2023


Areas Where You Can Rent Villas in Istanbul

Areas where you can rent villas in Istanbul offer a diverse range of opportunities for prospective tenants, with each district...

08-Nov, 2023


5 Businesses Will Earn You Money in Turkey

5 Business will earn you money in Turkey are: Automobile parts imports,  property investment, textile export, start a restaurant in...

08-Nov, 2023


Top 5 Turkish Government Supports for Investors

Top 5 Turkish government supports for investors you need to know about before you start up your business. Actually, Turkish government...

08-Nov, 2023


What Is Country to Country Relocation?

What is country to country relocation? It is often referred to as international relocation or expatriation of moving from one...

08-Nov, 2023


Have you ever Dream to Live in Mansions on The Bosphorus in Istanbul

Have you ever dream to live in mansions on the Bosphorus in Istanbul? As living in mansions on the Bosphorus...

07-Nov, 2023


How Many Types of Title Deeds Are There in Turkey?

How many types of title deeds are there in Turkey? is one of the top frequently asked questions for investors...

07-Nov, 2023


Are for Sale Properties in Turkey Guaranteed by Government?

Are for sale properties in Turkey guaranteed by government? to answer this question, let's consider the importance of properties being...

07-Nov, 2023


Property Taxes in Turkey: A-Z Guide

Property taxes in Turkey, also known as "emlak vergisi" in Turkish, are taxes levied on real estate properties, including residential...

07-Nov, 2023


Property Management Services in Turkey

Property management services in Turkey by all real estate systems, encompass a range of tasks and responsibilities related to the...

07-Nov, 2023


Princes Islands in Istanbul Where You May Live or Visit

Princes Islands in Istanbul where you may live or visit, has gained a popularity amongst tourists remarkably.Princes' Islands or as...

07-Nov, 2023


Luxury Living Cities in Turkey

Luxury living cities in Turkey matter to many people who are looking for high standards in various aspects. These aspects...

07-Nov, 2023


Low Cost Cities for Living in Turkey

Low cost cities for living in Turkey matters to those who are Turkey lovers and willing to live with relatively...

07-Nov, 2023


Why İstanbul Finance Hub Is Important for Investors?

Why İstanbul finance hub is important for investors? Is the frequently asked questions regarding Turkey’s global financial hub in Umraniye ...

07-Nov, 2023


How to Bring your car to Turkey

How to bring your car to Turkey from where you reside matters to many people because many common reasons individuals...

07-Nov, 2023


Best Marine Ports in Turkey to live Luxury Life

Best marine ports in Turkey to live luxury life are majestic. As Turkey boasts several coastal cities and regions with...

07-Nov, 2023


5 Great Reasons to Invest in Turkey

5 Great Reasons to Invest in Turkey. Your best option for expanding your business in Turkey is to invest in...

07-Nov, 2023