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turkmen turkish citizienship
Publish Date: 02-May, 2024

Turkish Citizenship for Turkmenistan Citizens

Turkish citizenship for Turkmenistan citizens is quite interesting as living and residing in Turkey for Turkmenistan people is a very rich experience. Either the cultural and historical ties or the growing economy of Turkey with the diverse job market, it offers better employment prospects and higher wages than what is available in Turkmenistan. Turkey also boasts reputable universities and educational institutions, making it an attractive destination for Turkmenistan citizens seeking quality education. Moreover, Turkey's well-developed healthcare system with modern facilities can be appealing to Turkmenistan citizens in need of medical care.

Advantages of Turkish Citizenship for Turkmenistan Citizens

Turkish citizenship can offer Turkmenistan citizens greater freedom, opportunities, and security, making it an attractive option for those looking to improve their quality of life.

Therefore, Turkish citizenship offers several advantages for Turkmenistan citizens, including:

Visa-Free Travel: 

Turkish citizens can travel to many countries without the need for a visa or with simplified visa procedures, which can greatly facilitate international travel for Turkmenistan citizens.

Access to Healthcare and Education: 

Turkish citizens have access to Turkey's healthcare and education systems, which are known for their quality and affordability.

Employment Opportunities: 

Turkish citizenship allows Turkmenistan citizens to work in Turkey without the need for a work permit, opening up more job opportunities and potentially higher wages.

Investment Opportunities: 

Turkish citizens have the right to invest in property and businesses in Turkey, which can be beneficial for Turkmenistan citizens looking to invest or start a business.

Social Benefits: 

Turkish citizens are entitled to various social benefits, such as pension and unemployment benefits, which can provide financial security.

Family Reunification: 

Turkish citizenship makes it easier for Turkmenistan citizens to bring their family members to Turkey and reunite with them.

Types of Turkish Residence Permit for Turkmenistan Citizens 

Each type of Turkish residence permit for Turkmenistan people has its own set of requirements and conditions that they are:

Short-Term Residence Permit: 

This permit is typically valid for a year and is suitable for those who wish to stay in Turkey for tourism, business, education, or medical treatment purposes.

Family Residence Permit: 

Turkmenistan citizens who have family members living in Turkey may apply for this permit, which allows them to join their family and reside in the country.

Student Residence Permit: 

Turkmenistan citizens enrolled in a Turkish university or educational institution can apply for this permit, which allows them to stay in Turkey for the duration of their studies.

Long-Term Residence Permit: 

This permit is suitable for Turkmenistan citizens who have legally resided in Turkey for at least eight years and meet certain criteria, such as having a stable income and valid health insurance.

Humanitarian Residence Permit: 

This permit is granted to Turkmenistan citizens who are unable to return to their home country due to humanitarian reasons, such as war or natural disasters.

Work Permit: 

Turkmenistan citizens who have a job offer from a Turkish employer can apply for a work permit, which allows them to legally work in Turkey.

A-Z Guide of Turkish Citizenship Requirements for Turkmenistan Citizens

For Turkmenistan citizens to apply for they need to meet specific requirements such as:

  • Turkmenistan citizens must be at least 18 years old to apply for Turkish citizenship.

  • A certified copy of the applicant's birth certificate is required.

  • Clean Criminal Record: Applicants must provide a certificate of good conduct from their home country.

  • Various documents, such as passport copies, residence permits, and marriage certificates (if applicable), must be submitted.

  • Depending on the application route, educational qualifications may be required.

  • Proof of sufficient financial resources to support oneself and any dependents in Turkey.

  • There are fees associated with the application process.

  • Health insurance covering the applicant and any dependents in Turkey is required.

  • Proof of a stable income or financial support.

  • Employment in Turkey may be a requirement for certain citizenship routes.

  • Proficiency in the Turkish language may be required.

  • Applicants must have legally resided in Turkey for a specified period.

  • Completion of military service requirements, if applicable.

  • Turkmenistan citizens must renounce their Turkmenistan citizenship upon acquiring Turkish citizenship.

  • Taking an oath of allegiance to Turkey.

  • Ownership of property in Turkey may be a requirement for certain citizenship routes.

  • Meeting any specific qualifications or criteria for the chosen citizenship route.

  • Holding a valid residence permit in Turkey.

  • Depending on the route, sponsorship from a Turkish citizen or entity may be required.

  • Applicants must be in compliance with Turkish tax laws.

  • A university degree may be required for certain citizenship routes.

  • Holding a valid visa for entry into Turkey.

  • Holding a valid work permit in Turkey.

  • Not being involved in activities that promote xenophobia or threaten Turkish national security.

  • Meeting the required number of years of legal residence in Turkey.

  • Showing a genuine interest in becoming a Turkish citizen and contributing to Turkish society.

Thus, Turkmenistan citizens who interested in acquiring Turkish citizenship must meet a variety of requirements, including age, clean criminal record, documentation, financial stability, health insurance, income, legal residence, and proficiency in Turkish. Other factors such as military service, renouncing previous nationality, property ownership, and sponsorship may also apply. Each requirement is crucial and must be carefully considered and fulfilled to successfully obtain Turkish citizenship.


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