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lubnan turish citizenship
Publish Date: 02-May, 2024

Turkish Citizenship for Lebanese Citizens

Turkish citizenship for Lebanese citizens is advantageous because they have visa-free travel, access to business opportunities due to Turkey's strategic location, a high quality of life, stability and security, real estate investment opportunities, and cultural ties between the two countries.

As Lebanese citizens can enter Turkey without a visa and are granted a legal residence permit on arrival, valid for up to 60 days. If they want to extend their stay, they must do so within this initial period, settling their affairs before applying to the General Directorate of Immigration in Turkey for a residency permit that aligns with their purpose of stay.

Types of Residence Permits in Turkey for Lebanese

1- Residence Permit 

Turkish legislation permit Lebanese citizenship to apply and obtain residence permit upon meeting specific requirements like:

Requirements of Turkish Residence Permit for Lebanese Citizens

  • Valid and legal residency for at least 8 years without considering the periods of refugee status, humanitarian residence, or temporary protection. 

  • For student case, the duration of their residency is counted as half the actual period. 

  • The applicant must demonstrate no social assistance obtained in the three years prior to the application.

  • Sufficient regular income to cover living expenses, valid health insurance, and no threat to public security or Turkish national interests.

2- Tourist Residency

Tourist residency is a form of short-term stay available to Lebanese seeking to prolong their legal residency in a country. This type of residency must be requested before the expiration of the initial legal period granted upon entry, and it is typically issued for a one-year duration.

Requirements of Turkish Tourist Residency for Lebanese Citizens

  • Holding a valid passport 

  • Having a legal entry stamp upon arrival

  • Register your residence address with the Turkish Population Department and obtain a tax number. 

  • Not exceeding the legal period indicated on your entry stamp.

  • Applying for an extension at least two months before this period ends. 

  • Providing a detailed itinerary for your stay in Turkey,

  • Having sufficient funds to support yourself during your visit.

3- Family Residency

There are two types of family residence permits in Turkey. The first type is for foreigners, which includes their spouse and children under 18 years old. When a foreigner obtains legal residence in Turkey, their children and spouse also receive legal residence. The second type is for foreigners who marry a Turkish citizen. This permit is valid for three years and can be renewed if the marriage persists. Additionally, this type of permit can lead to Turkish citizenship if the marriage lasts for three consecutive years.

Requirements of Turkish Family Residency for Lebanese Citizens

  • The children should be below 18 years old, while both spouses must be at least 18 years old. 

  • Health insurance covering all family members is required, along with sufficient income to support the person and their family in Turkey. 

  • All family members must reside at the same address registered with the Turkish Population Department.

  • A legal and free of criminal record and no history of domestic violence.

4- Work Permit

Turkish companies employing Lebanese nationals must provide compelling reasons for hiring them, demonstrating that their skills are not readily available among Turkish citizens. Additionally, for every foreign employee, there must be five Turkish employees working in the same company.

Requirements of Work Permit for Lebanese Citizens

  • Employing five Turkish citizens for every foreign national working in the same company. 

  • The foreign worker must possess skills required by the employer that are not readily available among Turkish citizens. 

  • The salary and insurance of the foreign employee must comply with the regulations outlined in Turkish labor laws for foreign workers.

5- Student Residency

Benefitting from public facilities available to students in Turkey, such as discounts on public transportation and access to social amenities. Securing comprehensive health insurance for treatment at government centers and hospitals. Easily obtaining the right to work legally in Turkey after graduation, as guaranteed by the constitution. Additionally, the duration of student residence contributes to the total period required for permanent residency in Turkey. While foreigners typically need 8 years of legal residence for permanent residency, half of the student's residency period is counted towards this requirement.

Requirements of Turkish Student Residency for Lebanese Citizens

  • Obtain official admission to a private or public Turkish university.

  • Keeping on regular attendance and continue studying. 

  • Having health insurance coverage.

6- Real Estate Residency

It is the most secured type of residence permit that can be issued without any obstacles, under the foreigner’s ownership of the real estate in his name inside the country, and it falls under the section of the short residence law and is renewed periodically without any obstacles mentioned as long as the title deed is still in the name of the foreign owner (the concerned person). This type of residency is granted for a period of up to two years, and holders of Lebanese citizenship have the right to own property in Turkey. Granting this type of residency requires the condition that the value of the property in major Turkish cities is not less than $75,000, and not less than $50,000 in smaller cities.

Requirements of Real Estate Residency for Lebanese Citizens

  • The property value should be at least $75,000 in major Turkish cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and Izmir, and at least $50,000 in smaller cities like Sakarya and Izmit. 

  • The property title deed must be in the owner's name.

  • A proof of the property's value must be provided through a real estate valuation report and payment receipts.

If you seek consultation or help to apply for any type of Turkish residency, contact Tapum Emtilak and obtain Turkish residency or even citizenship smoothly.


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