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Publish Date: 19-Mar, 2024

Average House Prices in Turkey

Average house prices in Turkey is needed to be understood for several reasons:

Market Analysis: 

Average house prices provide a snapshot of the real estate market, helping buyers, sellers, and investors make informed decisions. They indicate whether the market is booming, stable, or declining.

Financial Planning: 

For individuals looking to buy or sell property, understanding average house prices helps in financial planning. It allows them to estimate potential costs, profits, and affordability.

Investment Opportunities: 

Investors use average house prices to identify lucrative opportunities. They can analyze trends to determine when and where to invest for maximum returns.

Economic Indicator: 

Average house prices are often used as an economic indicator. They reflect consumer confidence, economic stability, and the overall health of the real estate sector.

Factors that Affecting House Prices in Turkey

Economic Factors

Economic growth

Strong economic growth often leads to higher house prices as people have more disposable income.

Interest rates: 

Low interest rates make borrowing more attractive, increasing demand for housing and driving up prices.

Employment levels: 

High employment rates generally lead to higher house prices, as people feel more confident in buying property.

Supply and demand

When demand for housing exceeds supply, prices tend to rise.

Political Factors:


Political stability can attract foreign investment, stimulating the housing market and increasing prices.

Government policies: 

Policies related to housing, taxation, or infrastructure development can impact house prices.

Demographic Factors:

Population growth: 

Areas with high population growth often experience increased demand for housing, driving up prices.

Age demographics: 

The age distribution of the population can affect housing needs and preferences, influencing prices.

Regional Factors:


Proximity to amenities, schools, transport links, and job opportunities can significantly impact house prices.


Areas undergoing development or regeneration may see increased demand and higher prices.

Market dynamics: 

Local factors such as competition among sellers, housing stock, and market sentiment can affect prices.

How Does Average House Prices in Turkey Look Like Currently?

National Average House Prices:

The national average house price in Turkey fluctuates based on economic conditions, government policies, and market trends.

As of latest available data based on house research, the average purchase price of a property in Turkey had reached TRY 2,691,780 (USD 100,316) by August 2023. By contrast, one year ago, at the end of summer 2022, a residential property in the country cost on average TRY 1,488,500 (USD 81,510 at the exchange rate on 13 September 2022). This represents an increase compared to the previous year.

Regional Variations in House Prices:

House prices in Turkey vary significantly by region, with major cities and coastal areas generally commanding higher prices.

Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir are among the most expensive cities for property, while rural areas and inland cities tend to have lower prices.

Coastal regions such as Antalya and Bodrum are popular among foreign buyers, leading to higher prices in these areas.

Thus, the analysis of current average house prices in Turkey reveals a dynamic and diverse real estate market. While the national average house price has increased in recent years, regional variations play a significant role, with major cities and coastal areas generally commanding higher prices.

Overall, the Turkish housing market remains an important sector of the economy, reflecting broader economic trends and providing insights into the country's social and economic landscape.


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